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Used Tyres? What's all the fuss about?

There are more than 44 Million used tyres being produced each year in the UK. At the same time, increasing vehicle ownership means the number of used tyres requiring disposal is rising and is expected to continue to do so. New legislation has also been introduced (EC Landfill Directive) which make it illegal for whole tyres to be land filled from June 2003, and shredded tyres being land filled from 2006.

Most automotive business and scrap collectors have end of use tyres that are usually stored in an unsightly pile in or around their premises taking up valuable working space. Depending on the size of your business, old tyres are a constant problem that cannot be ignored and all responsible businesses now recognise how important it is that scrap tyres are collected by a legitimate waste carrier. Additionally, more businesses are becoming aware that it is their responsibility to ensure that these tyres do actually reach a legitimate disposal site.

So, what's the problem?

Tyre stockpiles – fires

image to illustrate this

Tyres are highly flammable. Care must be taken when stockpiling tyres to reduce the risk of exothermic oxidation reactions creating conditions that favour the combustion of whole stockpiles by the unwary or indeed the arsonist. Burning tyres produce dense smoke and toxic fumes polluting air, water, soil and vegetation.

Many of the toxic fumes released have the capacity to cause a genetic mutation that can lead to cancer or genetic diseases in future generations. It has also been known for these fires to burn for days costing the local economy significant amounts. Water used to control these fires may also cause these pollutants to be washed into the ground.

Tyres illegally dumped

image to illustrate this

Used tyres get illegally dumped in the countryside including fields and quarries. They are also dumped on remote business premises which can be at the very least disruptive to the day to day activities of the business and more likely hazardous. Because of the synthetic and chemical materials in tyres, it is also virtually impossible for them to be broken down naturally to their original raw material state.

Not only are tyres an eye sore, ruining our enjoyment of the countryside, but they are also a major source of pollution. The tyre mounds can also provide a breeding ground for vermin and insects

Are there any solutions?

Yes, TIREC Group Ltd offers a comprehensive tyre disposal and removal service as well as a multitude of further services dedicated to providing innovative but environmentally sustainable products to UK industry.

If you have a “waste tyre” problem, be it BIG or small we can offer a solution. We collect and recycle all forms of post consumer waste tyres nationally and can promise an efficient, reliable and fully compliant solution to your tyre disposal requirements. Waste tyres processed by TIREC Group Ltd are comprehensively removed from the waste stream, helping keep Britain a cleaner, greener place.

TIREC Group Ltd is an end to end solution provider for the waste tyre industry. Recognising the problem associated with end of use tyres, we have now established a tyre recovery service that is specifically designed to offer a fully compliant, reliable and responsible option to our customers. By using us as your Registered Waste Carrier you are ensuring that your Duty of Care responsibilities have been met in full. Copies of our Waste Carriers License are available upon request.

The tyres are then processed into baled products which have numerous engineering properties and applications as well as other potential uses and are environmentally friendly. These bales are produced in line with the PAS108 specification and operating procedure for use in construction and engineering applications.

Aimed specifically at the motor trade to include main dealers, fast-fit operations and independent garages this service is also available to and used by farmers, small business and large multinationals alike.

To ensure that we handle your collection as smoothly as possible, we ask for some relevant information from you before we visit your site. On all visits we ask that you please arrange for our collection staff to have help with loading, for reasons of Health and Safety and to ensure the number and mix of tyres is verified by your own staff at the time of collection. This information will be recorded on a Waste Transfer Note and our staff will ensure you receive a copy for your own records.

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